Student Scholarships

The Alumni Association annually sponsors scholarships to help train future real estate professionals. Scholarships are awarded at our annual Winter Banquet as well as the student Mentor Banquet. 

We fund these scholarships with a combination of member dues as well as donations.

 If you'd like make a scholarship donation please follow the link below: 



Spring 2018 Trip Fundraiser

  •         What: Fundraiser to help students with the cost of their spring trip to attend the BisNow Austin State of the Market conference, held 3/28 to 3/31 in Austin, TX



  •         Estimated total Cost: $3,750

o   8 flights ($2,850)

o   3 nights lodging ($600)

o   Transportation & Food ($300)

  •         The trip: All funds raised through the Real Estate Alumni Association website will be used to pay for costs incurred during the trip. The students will attend a real estate conference in Austin and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals from across the country. In addition to the conference, the students will tour local commercial properties while further networking with real estate professionals and applying their knowledge to the Austin real estate market.
  •         About the Conference: The Bisnow Austin State of The Market event will cover the multifamily, mixed-use, office, and hospitality markets. Their experts will weigh in on where they see the market heading in 2018.


To donate click the following link and enter "spring trip" in the notes.